D1 Cash League

The cash league started in late January and will run until May 15th, with the final on Saturday 18th May 2013. To qualify for the final, you will need to play at least 50 hours on the cash games.

To make the prize pool, we will take €1 from each pot of €20 and over.

All players who make the final will receive €100 form the prize fund. The player with the most hours will get an extra €300 bonus.

For each hour played, you will be given 100 chips to play with in the final so a player with 50 hours will start with a 5000 stack and a player with 100 hours will have a 10,000 stack.

Tournament League

The D1 Tournament League started on Jan 1st and will run until March 31st The top 36 players from the D1 will compete for €5000 on Saturday April 6th 24 players from the D15 League will make up the rest of the field.

Points are awarded per tournament played.
10 points for playing a tournament.
1 extra point per place for the final table, meaning the winner will get 20 points.
Sunday’s tournament is double points.
As a bonus, if you play Wednesday and Sunday in that order you gain an extra 10 points.