Slot Machines



Experience fun and excitement when you play D1 Casino Slots, featuring some of the best games in town.

We have a variety of machines, from the traditional to the latest, to the totally and downright amazing.

Slot machines go as fast or as slow as you choose, they’re incredibly chillaxed and filled with so many opportunities to win.







Our Touch Bet Roulette tables are the ultimate combination of classic roulette, state-of-the-art technology, elegant design and player comfort.

TBR is an exciting and fast-paced roulette game, with the added privacy and security of a live game.

This is an easy game to learn and great to play with friends.


The D1 Club Slots Experience

“They lived and laughed and loved and left.” 
― James Joyce

The D1 Casino works hard at providing customers with an unforgettable gaming experience for Slots and Electronic Roulette. Our Slots Lounge has a warm and friendly atmosphere where guests receive a Business Class service from our D1 Club staff. So, stay awhile, soak up the and enjoy State-of-the-Art machines or relax and enjoy your old favourites.

  • Refreshments readily available throughout your stay.