We pride ourselves on providing an unparalleled gambling environment for gamblers of all levels and interests. Our ground floor is home to an array of the most advanced and easy to use electronic gaming machines in the country, offering you exciting gaming and gambling, a comfortable surrounding and a chance to try your luck.


Our Roulette Grand Jeu tables are the ultimate combination of classic roulette, state-of-the-art technology, elegant design and player comfort.

Get the rush and excitement of a fast-paced roulette game, with the added privacy and security of a private electronic game. Play at our own, easy to use screen and compete in a live roulette game.

If you're new to roulette and don't feel ready to play at our live roulette table then our electronic table is the ideal place to learn the ropes of this easy game.

The tables offer a variety of betting options and techniques, and as it's all done on a touch screen betting is even easier than at a traditional roulette table.


Poker Machines

Our poker machines are extremely popular among more casual gamers and gamblers. The easy-to-use machines provide a more private poker experience, inviting you to pit your wits and skill against the machine in a game of five card draw poker.

A range of features and betting options give you a chance to play big and win big.








Slot Machines

Experience all the fun and excitement of Vegas on one of our many classic slot machines.

We have a variety of machines, from the traditional lever operated machines to more modern electronic ones.

Slot machines are fast, they're fun and they're filled with opportunities to win.